the story behind eff academy

Jennifer Lussier, Founder (yep - that's me with my brother)


I started the Eff Academy after a business I co-founded, AnyQuip, failed. I had a hard time accepting it so I dug deep and looked inward to understand from every angle what went right, and what went wrong. 

Then I started talking about it. I found that I could have real impact in helping other entrepreneurs by 'calling out the elephants', because I had seen similar patterns, problems, issues in myself. 

I want to create a forum where entrepreneurs can find commonalities on specific themes around the challenges in their businesses. To connect, share a story, and hopefully a laugh or two.

I've created achievement badges in the spirit of Guides/Scouts (thanks to Lord Baden Powell for the idea) on the many challenges around building, running, scaling, and sometimes shuttering, the companies and ideas we work so hard at. Because we should wear our 'failures' on our sleeves with honour.

recent badge sightings... send us your pics!


Spotted in YYC!

This lovely handbag is proudly sporting the Self-Med Strategy badge. Thanks to Debbie for sending it in! That pocket looks like it would fit my flask perfectly :)

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